April 2017
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The Shape Of Things To Come

I updated both the reading list and the viewing list, in case you were wondering what I’ve been reading and watching.

Skeleton Key

I recently added the Annotated Lovecraft (which sadly does not include The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath) to my library, so I dug up this post, originally published in June, 2012.

Once when I was in high school I got sick and had to go to the hospital, for neither the first nor the last time. […]

Seen It Before

I first posted this entry in May of 2011. Earlier this year I read The Broken Road, posthumously published conclusion to the story Leigh Fermor began in A Time of Gifts. I highly recommend all three.

Leigh Fermor, Patrick (1977). A Time of Gifts. NY: The New York Review of Books. 316 pages.

The […]

Everyday, Everyway

You know what else I need to reread? A whole bunch of books by Dorothy Dunnett: the Lymond Chronicles, the House of Niccolo, and maybe King Hereafter too.

I could spend all of 2015 rereading. I won’t though.

Wrapped Up In Books

My last haul from the Harvard Book Store,which is, along with the Brattle Book Shop one of my favorite places in Boston .

The reading list for 2014, over there on the left, has finally been updated. In case you wondering when I was going to get around to it, which you probably weren’t.


New Slang

Since I was recently gifted a lifetime membership by LibraryThing, I went and cataloged all my books, or at least the 633 of them on the premises (there are others lurking in my Dad’s attic).